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Bond Electric

by Gascoigne

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FIGURATIVE PAINTING And so the tire screech beneath your feet Down to the ocean where I belong And down to the city of the past Tethering her cracks of dawn on your phone Inside the crowd you twirl my hand A strange kind of feeling I'll never forget And sound of chuckles you hastily made Go tell your mother, I won't refrain As hesitation ends, we got to feel And my inside falling downward through my speech And my hands Slowly trembles as I'm reaching for a word The present can be playful if we try Binge a complete season and then we can die Remembering the father figure I've been Living the moment when I became Hugging this corner where the cars came by And sing like you were mine And all of these boxes of records you owned Are gaining dust, as you go deeper into films A momentary lapse, I hate you so Heard you talking but my thoughts have come to a close And your face, finding reasons to excuse these mess I've made Bet your mother want to hear the rest Compassion never was my strongest suit But if a TV guide you need I'll be there soon And when the urge come knocking round your porch My digits are aligned, so give me a call
PAINT IT OVER It’s in the way of how they chart your favorite spot Without the need to ask It seemed so easy to pretend that we’re alright Until those words came whispering Watch that viral meter grow, with tiki torches we would glow Imposing gestures you would see on everything we does We will waste no time They spoke of logic that derived from up above about our rightful place How it eases all uncertainties in life A final word of judgment Learn this passage with your heart Be a relay to the cause No matter how much you would learn This is the only one you'll need Paint it over with some flair And pass it on to every next of kin With orders that will stand the test of time The soul we had remained untested It is as pure as it was But the mind is prone to misdirection It takes a single torch to fire up these lies And now we ended up with nothing much to love Beside ourselves and ruling power we can't have And I’m supposed to found God since I born In honesty, it’s not as crazy as it sounds Hereditary flag I never chose to bear Became heavier with every page I read And in these days it’s getting harder to be To plant my feet on both sides Another war they love to certify I once saw it in a dream, a vision they would happily misunderstand I’d love to show them if I could A certain urge remained the same I've long to tell despite the love they always gave Yet I refrain I want to feel alive, to feel enlightened deep inside Where should I find the strength To finally say I want no part in their parade
HOOK LINE SINKER And there's no reason for you to be in a hurry Once you see it was rigged from the start Concentrate and squint your eyes real hard Go ham if you could hit it again And often times it doesn't fly like you would want it Count your misses, be part of your loss Pick your battle, mow them down headstrong into the ocean floor Don't strain your thoughts You would surely torn into pieces Pick a needle and scrape what you can The only ones deserving to stand on this field Are the ones who doesn't know how to quit Time won't waste itself with your inability to move along Become who you aren't Sometimes that's just what it takes It's time for you to sing in your own voice Since you already paid my expense I don't know why people paid my expense This life won't give its saving grace if you can never even think for yourself Each time I put my thoughts into a paper bill Will be a better version of lies I kept repeating all this time See this tall, bright figure I have cast Looming larger and darker in time It served a purpose I hate more than my worst self Replicating stupid quips I have made A watered down edition Primed to be booked en masse, straight to your head This one will surely pay my expense I don't want it to just pay my expense I want a state that I advocate Plaid by all these memories I fabricate Out of experience that I've never had And there's no reason for me to be in a hurry
ROADBURNER 3000 Come along and take the wheel I'll bet it on my destiny If we don't trip or fall or die The hummingbirds are calling And you'll take us there Through the absence of time The thrill won't hurt my knees And the seasonal showers that perched like a dove Will drizzle on the breeze Your engine throbbing on our leash Not without pure gasoline What a time to be alive The tachyons sings and pulsing off the chart And ripping up your parts Faint signals and strobe of lights Down inside a tunnel full of white And it rains through the absence of time A sound I could not make When the feeling subside and a calmness remained We tremble on our seats By the time you choose to take my hand The tail lights starts to bleed Down below I see it sparked Crimson glow like cranberry Play the accordion, it goes from G And spiraled into C You had, a well kept pedigree Downpour on my face as the sunroof disappear And now here we are, at the absence of time And I can’t feel my face As our body would end and the leaf dissipate Stand beside me dear and light my wet cigar
LIBERAL PROSPECTS I give no guidance in between Stick your jelly brain to drive Bang it together it won’t hurt And there’s no point of telling me That I lack substance to my flair I’ve seen enough to flip your asses to the spire I’d like to feel at home sometimes Kiss the table till it shine, form a circle and let’s dine Whet the ink and burn the scrolls We’re gonna write our own connection to this farce Simmer down, let It dry And cleanse your aching body with these sounds And see who we are, now the city comes alive And oooh, would you bleed yourself into tainted reflection coaxed beneath a merry poltergeist? Bring me down, I’ll do my part again Play that Wagner shit, the bunny here somewhere Grazed out but I’ve come back with heart Have you seen multiple times what these things can do to us Eleven hundred times or so we tried I don’t know what else to say I can see their lord conductor standing proudly in the rain Load your blunderbuss And take that final sip on my command I might need another barrel to survive So let us show them what it means to.. Be, a little reckless in our means But it’s enough to kill two birds without a single stone Bring me down, I’ll sing this part again This is the hour that will echo through the age Oooh, you want life of servitude? Didn’t I free you from the shackles that controls? Hear me out this is my final law I’ll be the next red giant that you slay With meaner streak and better face A cycle flow well beyond our days
FINER WAY OF DOING THINGS A pair of eyes that could heat up a summer And shine just like myself A promise made overseen by a bottle All empty and dry Under moonlight the sweetest sound you could rang Lead us to river where the shit went down See you on top of the town where their judgment can’t try This pamphlet has your maiden name It brings me back to the time where I see everything in a dotted line For more and more I realized you affect my life with a flick of a pen And tempting fate every step of the way You had your reason and I’m struggling with mine Call it a writer’s block, it’s halfway done While I’m composing watch for bullets whizzing by When I saw you cross the firing line I found my purpose in life It’s like scissors and a triple sides I’m predetermined for this You know that squinted guy should really try But you’ll be gone before he even cry And all the memories yet to happen flashes a warning sign Let’s chip away this steely afternoon Just to see, are we low enough for jealousy Why should we, build a cabin with a canopy? We should be free I don’t like the dawn to rise Old David said it’s logical Another minute came just to be replaced I'm not sure what am I to you I always felt you're the type that will be gone away when the first light hits Your perfume drifts in the newborn air I envisioned a place where all things come in two Along with problems made uniquely for you Painstaking detail we once carve on a stone Naming all people that won't stand anymore It won't be long till their banging on our door As I see you cross the firing line A sense of dread comes to mind Singular presence no one can't deny Personified on your thumb Trigger happy and a matching glocks You put my heart to a stop Finer way of doing things I've planned Won't be enough to contain A reputation you would die to protect And an eagerness to do what I can't Your sole desire to narrate and liberate An even bigger picture you would like to take I see it clearly now that I would die by your own hands
King 04:02 video
KING It drove away, in Corolla 68 And taint the air, with the scent of maple leaf And crowds in rainbows stand behind the yellow bar It's Saturday night, I'll see you somehow Clad in Panther's stripes Behind our temples they decree Sworn under nonexistent piece of land they hold so dear I see his eyes it glances with surprise and empathy Downward, behind a point-blank range he fell What are the odds tonight I'll see your coat of paint? Prettily draped against that glow you've held for a while You giggled to lines that took me hours to prepare It's Saturday night, they'll carve us a tomb Right in front your doorstep How many prints it takes to cover and to grieve? Silence drumming louder than the point of death release I see your eyes they burn, unspoken outcry, disbelief Upwards, an icy stare and reason fell The joy and pain are amplified when you’re around An age old gripe that somehow stayed for a longer time A knock on the door as strong as the grip between our hands These Saturday nights, hope it last for a while Crow are here to stay
Interstate 04:53
INTERSTATE You quote Kandinsky on a fly You made it boring as it should be And claimed this interstate was yours Your checkered plimsoll grazed the mud It’s out of date but you chose to never care so I won’t stare You hate my Burzum t-shirt anyway And the sun came wrong again It has the color but lacks the touch But I’ll wait I’ll wait for time to whip my singular view in place Hope you won’t refrain It takes an effort to get what I am Like tears in a rainfall Pucker up, it’s been awhile since contact made Let me tell you all the reasons why we should try Ten of them are not as civic as you thought Shove away your Austen quotes And let your own words fly Tucked between your brittle sense of how to speak for yourself We share a common ride to be where we are An ugly metal that could barely kiss the tar Each rhyming passage you subtly made Comes with a blemish that would light your face Of all the question you flawlessly dodge There’s only one that you can’t escape Do you want me to stay?
RED BLOATED SCHOLARS I took a liking to town hall and archways Especially one I've never been The magic won't last longer if I used all my sense Bathe in sunlight and an always proud history The brick gets redder every passing dawn An illusion I'd like to keep, in a folder marked within I put an effort on my little discovery with tortellini dribbling down my throat A condition I'd prefer to be When I pretend to know these streets It becomes harder to caress and understand without a single clue of how to sin But still I'd have a better chance Than your selfie minded spree While the rain struck down your parade I sat here wiki-ed everything I need to know Majestic classes with grand statuettes Ancient plazas under Neptune's gaze How it shines A sacred trophy they once had Oh how they yearned The club was founded since 09 I can pull up more facts If I wanted So obscure you can never decipher Like this song It has more depth than the ocean of shits On your feed Always
FRIDAY FIGHT NIGHT I’m bursting at the seams, like everyone around It’s round 10 and he’s standing tall Open up so I can land a swing See the power in my stride I took his jab so many times my vision starts to clear See the crowd blurred into one In this town where I suppose to thrive and loved There’s no meaning in my punch I can’t make sense of my strum I can paint you in a single dance Watch your crevice when they gleamed Catching signals down this one bed home And craving something real Don’t you bless me with your shallow rites And don’t kiss my bleeding jaw Just remember when I fall this time I donned your flag with pride I told you dozen times before I won’t last long He’s drawing circles round my grave with hands of steel All these things you cheered and made me do are vanity And soon I’m old and grey, but I won’t care I’ll be what you hoped to feel each Friday night Unwinding and riposte It’s getting worse, and here comes the final blow A perspective I can’t show And I’m still the one who donned your broken hearts I could turn your dreams into a pile With a click from one single match Dreams are made to last And yours are awfully tad Should’ve move my hand for one last time Not for you nor for this scene For the sake of your drab eastern shore For the home that I would soon forget For the children I won’t have I only sang what I can’t feel



Jakarta indie rockers Gascoigne fulfill the promise found on their previous singles and mini-albums with the band’s first full length album Bond Electric.

Immediate in its hooks and playfulness, the album continues to celebrate the band's biggest influence, specifically early 90s United States indie rock. Traces of Sonic Youth's more melodic side, Lou Barlow's directness, the crunchy catchiness of Throwing Muses and Belly, and most of all, Pavement's contrast of laidback delivery and punkish delivery, shine through all of the band’s songs.

It may not be revolutionary for longtime fans of the era's music, but the band members – only in their mid-20s – perform their songs with unabashed and un-ironic energy. There's earnestness in their worship of those bands instead of mere copying, and Bond Electric sees them clearly trying hard to assemble their own sound without abandoning their influences.

Marcel Thee
The Jakarta Post



released August 25, 2020


Alvi Ifthikhar, Gascoigne's vocalist and guitar player, formed the band alongside drummer Zaka Sandra N. and bass player Dimaz Hafizhan. (And yes, they are huge soccer fans as their band name shows, referencing British soccer legend Paul “Gazza” Gascoigne.)



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