Friday Fight Night

from Bond Electric by Gascoigne




I’m bursting at the seams, like everyone around
It’s round 10 and he’s standing tall
Open up so I can land a swing
See the power in my stride

I took his jab so many times my vision starts to clear
See the crowd blurred into one
In this town where I suppose to thrive and loved
There’s no meaning in my punch
I can’t make sense of my strum

I can paint you in a single dance
Watch your crevice when they gleamed
Catching signals down this one bed home
And craving something real

Don’t you bless me with your shallow rites
And don’t kiss my bleeding jaw
Just remember when I fall this time
I donned your flag with pride

I told you dozen times before I won’t last long
He’s drawing circles round my grave with hands of steel
All these things you cheered and made me do are vanity
And soon I’m old and grey, but I won’t care

I’ll be what you hoped to feel each Friday night
Unwinding and riposte
It’s getting worse, and here comes the final blow
A perspective I can’t show
And I’m still the one who donned your broken hearts

I could turn your dreams into a pile
With a click from one single match
Dreams are made to last
And yours are awfully tad

Should’ve move my hand for one last time
Not for you nor for this scene
For the sake of your drab eastern shore
For the home that I would soon forget
For the children I won’t have
I only sang what I can’t feel


from Bond Electric, released August 25, 2020


all rights reserved



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