Roadburner 3000

from Bond Electric by Gascoigne




Come along and take the wheel
I'll bet it on my destiny
If we don't trip or fall or die
The hummingbirds are calling

And you'll take us there
Through the absence of time
The thrill won't hurt my knees
And the seasonal showers
that perched like a dove
Will drizzle on the breeze

Your engine throbbing on our leash
Not without pure gasoline
What a time to be alive
The tachyons sings and pulsing off the chart
And ripping up your parts
Faint signals and strobe of lights
Down inside a tunnel full of white

And it rains through the absence of time
A sound I could not make
When the feeling subside and a calmness remained
We tremble on our seats

By the time you choose to take my hand
The tail lights starts to bleed

Down below I see it sparked
Crimson glow like cranberry
Play the accordion, it goes from G
And spiraled into C

You had, a well kept pedigree
Downpour on my face as the sunroof disappear
And now here we are, at the absence of time
And I can’t feel my face
As our body would end and the leaf dissipate
Stand beside me dear and light my wet cigar


from Bond Electric, released August 25, 2020


all rights reserved



Anoa Records Jakarta, Indonesia

An indie label records from Jakarta Indonesia. Since 2013, listening to indierock, indiepop, shoegaze, pop punk, and so on from local bands.

"If we believe in something we hear, it's better to record it."

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