Hook Line Sinker

from Bond Electric by Gascoigne




And there's no reason for you to be in a hurry
Once you see it was rigged from the start
Concentrate and squint your eyes real hard
Go ham if you could hit it again
And often times it doesn't fly like you would want it
Count your misses, be part of your loss
Pick your battle, mow them down headstrong into the ocean floor
Don't strain your thoughts

You would surely torn into pieces
Pick a needle and scrape what you can
The only ones deserving to stand on this field
Are the ones who doesn't know how to quit
Time won't waste itself with your inability to move along
Become who you aren't
Sometimes that's just what it takes

It's time for you to sing in your own voice
Since you already paid my expense
I don't know why people paid my expense
This life won't give its saving grace
if you can never even think for yourself

Each time I put my thoughts into a paper bill
Will be a better version of lies
I kept repeating all this time

See this tall, bright figure I have cast
Looming larger and darker in time
It served a purpose I hate more than my worst self
Replicating stupid quips I have made
A watered down edition
Primed to be booked en masse, straight to your head
This one will surely pay my expense
I don't want it to just pay my expense
I want a state that I advocate
Plaid by all these memories I fabricate
Out of experience that I've never had
And there's no reason for me to be in a hurry


from Bond Electric, released August 25, 2020


all rights reserved



Anoa Records Jakarta, Indonesia

An indie label records from Jakarta Indonesia. Since 2013, listening to indierock, indiepop, shoegaze, pop punk, and so on from local bands.

"If we believe in something we hear, it's better to record it."

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