from Bond Electric by Gascoigne




You quote Kandinsky on a fly
You made it boring as it should be
And claimed this interstate was yours

Your checkered plimsoll grazed the mud
It’s out of date but you chose to never care
so I won’t stare
You hate my Burzum t-shirt anyway

And the sun came wrong again
It has the color but lacks the touch
But I’ll wait
I’ll wait for time to whip my singular view in place

Hope you won’t refrain
It takes an effort to get what I am
Like tears in a rainfall
Pucker up, it’s been awhile since contact made

Let me tell you all the reasons why we should try
Ten of them are not as civic as you thought
Shove away your Austen quotes
And let your own words fly
Tucked between your brittle sense of how
to speak for yourself

We share a common ride to be where we are
An ugly metal that could barely kiss the tar
Each rhyming passage you subtly made
Comes with a blemish that would light your face
Of all the question you flawlessly dodge
There’s only one that you can’t escape
Do you want me to stay?


from Bond Electric, released August 25, 2020


all rights reserved



Anoa Records Jakarta, Indonesia

An indie label records from Jakarta Indonesia. Since 2013, listening to indierock, indiepop, shoegaze, pop punk, and so on from local bands.

"If we believe in something we hear, it's better to record it."

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