Father's Bridge

from Loanwords by Kaveh Kanes



Who you are from 9 to 5 is what the moon knows you. Why
do you carry all that weight? That’s tragic.
How come no one ever tries to found the dragon? They say
"are you out of your mind?" Well, maybe.
Floating in this sonic world
Found silence in the crowd
It is wonderful.
So where does the time fly to? Did it fly to a warmer place?
If it is so, can I fly with it? Just let me.
Floating in this sonic world
It’s getting harder to find the silence in the crowd
Now all the buildings take control over you.
It’s your Father’s bridge that you burn down
Now you’ll never know where you belong
It's the sign of the time that will remain
Better to be alone than feel wrong.


from Loanwords, released November 12, 2020


all rights reserved



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